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Bulgarian Prosecution to Investigate Bribe Allegations in Sale of Fertiliser Plant

The Bulgarian prosecutor's office will investigate allegations of bribery in the attempted sale of the bankrupt Chimco Vratsa fertiliser plant.

Jan Aronov, president of US-based ANJ Group Corp, which was interested in acquiring the assets of the plant last year, claims that a bribe was requested and accepted by the assignee of the bankrupt factory.

Greek and Danish uncover ruins of Ancient Greek port at Lechaion (pics + vid)

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen using cutting-edge technology to investigate the Corinthian port of Lechaion uncovered a well-preserved wooden caissons and also found that the port’s entrance canal was larger than previously believed. Lechaion is just one of the two Corinthian ports active from the 6th century BC to the 6th century AD.

Sleep safe! Here’s a bed that swallows you up during an earthquake (vid)

Every so often, Greece is prone to an earthquake. Now, people can sleep a little sounder thanks to the creation of the earthquake-proof bread that protects slumbering occupants during a quake. It works like a Venus flytrap, dropping the matress down into a chamber covered with a protective lid when sensors feel the ground is shaking.

Conical domed dwellings house architectural wonders

The unique conical domed houses of ?anl?urfa's Harran district draw visitors' attention for their architectural style, which keeps the houses cool in summer and hot in winterWhen you live in a place where the mercury can sometimes push 45 degrees during the summer, it behooves one to find a way to keep your dwellings cool.

Sofia Apartments Yield 5.4% Average Rental Return - Real Estate Agency   

Residential properties in Sofia currently offer average rental returns of 5.4%, Bulgarian Properties has said.

This compares with average interest of about 1% earned from deposits in local banks, according to central bank data, the Sofia-based real estate agency said on Tuesday.

Real estate market stagnation to be further affected by foreclosures and home auctions

Huge questions are raised as to the consequences that new measures concerning non-performing loans (NPLs) or so-called “red loans” will have on Greece’s real estate market that has been in a slump for the last seven years with over 250,000 vacant properties for sale. Real estate professionals still don’t know how much lower prices will fall as a result of foreclosures and auctions.