Real estate

Ministry suspends new building licenses near Acropolis amid controversy

The Environment Ministry on Tuesday said that it is suspending all building licenses in the area around the Acropolis.

The decision comes in response to the construction of a 10-story building that has become the subject of a growing public protest campaign launched by residents of Athens's downtown Makriyianni neighborhood, who say it obstructs their view of the Parthenon.

New year to bring new property rates set by surveyors

Property surveyors will from now on undertake the adjustment of the taxable real estate rates known as objective values, according to a regulation submitted to Parliament on Thursday for ratification. This means that the extraordinary procedure employed in 2018 with the chartered surveyors will turn permanent as of 2019.

Hefty gains for market's leading firms

The country's 500 most profitable companies in 2017 generated impressive returns according to the figures stemming from their financial reports as processed by ICAP for its special annual publication "Business Leaders in Greece 2018."

The total turnover of the 500 leading firms in terms of profits rose 9.5 percent last year compared to 2016, reaching 91.02 billion euros.

Property startup to expand to 50 cities

Innovative property startup Blueground aims to lease out some 50,000 furnished apartments in 50 cities around the world by 2023.

This is a particularly ambitious target given that the Greek company currently manages some 1,500 properties totaling 1.3 million square meters in nine cities: Athens, Dubai, Istanbul, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington.