Real-time gross settlement

Greece lags behind in e-payments

Greece is in second-to-last place among the 19 eurozone countries and 24th among all 28 European Union member-states in electronic payments per inhabitant, including payments with credit and debit cards and online transfers of money and e-payments of bills, according to European Central Bank data for 2018.

Primary surplus overrun born out of stifling state investment

The state budget recorded a primary surplus overrun of 2.33 billion euros in the first four months of the year, against a target of just 374 million euros, State General Accounting Office figures showed on Monday. This was achieved with the incomplete execution of the Public Investments Program (PIP) and above-target budget revenues.

Economy being deprived of much-needed liquidity by state

January data on the execution of the state budget revealed that expenditure has again been held back excessively, while the state's expired debts remained high at the end of 2017 as despite the payout forced by the country's creditors, the state has continued to run up fresh arrears to taxpayers and suppliers.

Revised budget data show excess revenue

The budget data for 2017 now appear to be not only within the targets but even better, for the first 10 months of the year, with the revenue shortfall of 2.8 billion euros of the provisional figures replaced by a surplus of 326 million.

The massive shift is due to the revision of the 2017 budget targets to match the estimates of the 2018 draft budget tabled earlier this week.