Plastic pirouettes: Japan’s recycled bottle ballet

The dancers' futuristic headgear glints under the lights at a top ballet show, but just two months ago their plastic costumes were sticky bottles tossed into a Tokyo recycling bin.

"Plastic," a new production by renowned Japanese company K-BALLET, aims to draw attention to a global pollution crisis through some unusual set and wardrobe design.

The waste processing units for eastern Thessaloniki and Larissa are being auctioned

Shortly before the end of 2022, notices were published for the construction of two important waste management infrastructures. These are the Waste Treatment Units (WTUs) of the Eastern Sector of Western Macedonia and Larissa, with a budget of 241.9 million euros and 54.6 million euros.

53 tons of waste collected from Marmara Sea

Some 53 tons of waste have been collected in nine months within the scope of a project initiated to carry out awareness training on marine cleaning in the Marmara Sea.

According to the report, between September 2021 and June 2022, 52.5 tons of waste, equivalent to the daily waste generated by approximately 46,000 people, were collected and recycled.

Bottled water: The profits of industries are “drying up”

Packaging materials, energy costs and transportation are eating up the profits of the domestic bottled water industry despite the forecasts for strong consumption in the summer season.

At the same time, consumers are paying more for water, while from next week prices will rise further due to the recycling fee, which is imposed on products that have plastic packaging.

Zero-Waste Project great success: First lady

The Zero-Waste Project has been a great success, making a large contribution to the Turkish economy, first lady Emine Erdoğan has said.

"The project has reached a point that it is beyond my dreams," the first lady said in an interview with Anadolu Agency, noting that people from all quarters of the society are aware of the Zero-Waste initiative.

Delphi Forum: The circular economy to be integrated into the DNA of business

Regarding the goal set by the government within the next two years to eliminate the disgraceful fines for illegal landfills, the secretary general for Energy, Manolis Grafakos spoke, among other things, in the context of the 7th Delphi Forum that is taking place April 6-9. He characteristically stated: "We want to leave behind the management of yesterday.

Village muhtars come to metropolis to collect paper waste: Report

Muhtars (local heads) of many Anatolian villages come to Istanbul as seasonal workers to collect paper waste at the time of the year when they cannot earn a living with farming, according to a report by an agency affiliated with the Istanbul Metropolis Municipality.

The Istanbul Planning Agency's report showed that some 18 tons of domestic waste are collected daily in the metropolis.