Referendums by country

Bulgaria: There will be No Referendum for a Presidential Republic

"There Is Such a People" collected 145,193 signatures from Bulgarian citizens for the holding of a referendum to convene a Great National Assembly, which would change the state structure of Bulgaria from a parliamentary to a presidential republic. These signatures are insufficient and such a referendum will not take place.

Serbian Opposition Suspicious of Referendum Law Changes

Pathway to changing the constitution?:

Borko Stefanovic, vice-president of the opposition non-parliamentary Freedom and Justice Party. Photo: EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET

The official explanation of the changes says the current law, adopted in 1994, is restrictive, outdated and inconsistent with Serbia's 2006 constitution.

Senate's President Tariceanu: Iohannis wants to turn referendum into "most terrible political weapon"

Senate President Calin Popoescu-Tariceanu accused President Klaus Iohannis of intending to turn the consultative referendum into "the most terrible political weapon" against all those who have different opinions.