Iohannis on World Environment Day: We have to stop illegal logging

In a message on June 5, World Environment Day, President Klaus Iohannis is sounding the alarm over illegal logging in Romania, urging all citizens to participate in reforestation programmes. "We must put an end to illicit logging and get all involved in Romania's national reforestation programmes!

The Pakistani Government has Created Thousands of Jobs by Also Helping the Environment

Although the novel coronavirus pandemic has driven thousands of workers into unemployment, the Pakistani government has found a way to provide jobs to their citizens while also reforesting the nation.

According to Reuters, Pakistan has created more than 63,000 jobs for unemployed day laborers by relaunching the nation's ambitious 10 Billion Tree Tsunami campaign.

Turkey’s forest coverage increases

The forest coverage of Turkey is increasing regularly every year with maintenance, rehabilitation, afforestation and various action plans.

According to information received from the General Directorate of Forestry (OGM) officials, the forest presence in Turkey has increased by 10 percent in the last 50 years.

EnvirMin announces kickstart, this spring, of Romania's broadest ever afforestation campaign

Minister of Environment, Water and Forestry Costel Alexe announced the kickstart, this spring, of the broadest ever degraded land afforestation campaign, aimed at soil protection, restoring the hydrological balance and improving environmental conditions.