Refugee camp

Guardian: Greek government incompetent in managing huge funds for hotspots

The Greek government, along with the UN and the EU’s aid departments are under fire for mismanaging a multimillion-euro fund earmarked for refugees in Greece. Reporter Patrick Kingsley for the online edition of British newspaper The Guardian filed a piece uncovering the extent of the mismanagement.

Image of makeshift cinema in Idomeni wins UNICEF award

This image, by Cologne-based Palestinian photojournalist Ali Nouraldin, won second prize in the UNICEF Photo of the Year 2016 awards, it was announced by the jury in Berlin, Germany, Tuesday. The photograph shows refugee children watching a movie in an improvised open-air cinema at the Idomeni refugee camp near the Greek border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Increase in migrant arrivals fuel concerns on an already tense Chios

An increase in arrivals of migrants from neighboring Turkey to Chios has fuelled concern on the island where tensions are already high due to the conditions at the overcrowded refugee camp at Souda and recent protests by far-rightists.

A total of 153 migrants landed on Chios over the weekend compared to 53 on Lesvos.

Disturbances in Bulgaria's Harmanli Refugee Camp Under Control

The disturbances in the migrant camp in Harmanli came under control on Thursday night after the detention of 300 of its inhabitants.

As early as next month, tens of Afghanis from the refugee camp will be extradited, promised outgoing PM Boyko Borisov. He went personally to the placement centre where riots started on Thursday because of the quarantine imposed.