Regional units of Greece

Census reshuffles political pack in constituencies 

With the completion of the recent population census, 14 constituencies are changing seats. 

More specifically, as a result of a population increase in the respective regions, Eastern Attica gets two extra seats, while the North, West and South sectors of Athens and the first electoral district of Thessaloniki each gain one seat, by presidential decree. 

Greek demographics: An aging and over-the-hill population

Mainland Greece is aging alarmingly - faster than even the most dire predictions of demographers. One in three residents of the Prefectures of Arta and Evrytania is currently over 65 years old, a percentage that was expected in 2050, while in eleven prefectures of the country with a total population of 828,000 people one in four is elderly.

Northern Greece – A host of the unvaccinated – How 8 areas reached lockdown

Experts and the government are concerned about the course of the pandemic in Northern Greece. It is characteristic that epidemiologist Gikas Maiorkinis in yesterday's official information about the coronavirus, spoke of a "worrying exception" of the areas in the north of the country.