Regional units of Greece

French love Greek singer Angelique Ionatos

The renowned Greek poet and singer left Greece at the age of 13 during Greek military junta of 1967 and relocated in Belgium, while from 1981 she has been staying in Paris.

Angelique Ionatos performs in Paris, Spain, Italy, Germany, Canada, while she rarely visits Greece. In 2009 had a concert in Mytilene, Samos and Athens.

Greece in white: November makes way for the first snow for the season (pics)

Temperatures took a nose dive as mountain peaks enjoyed their first snow for the season. Mount Parnassos, towering over Delphi in Northern Greece, wore its winter colors as snow flakes fell over Fterokala (1,600 m) early on Sunday morning.

At Samarina and Perivoli at Grevena, west Macedonia, temperatures dropped and 10cm-thick snow covered the region.

17 more migrants, including nine children, die in Aegean

At least 13 migrants, six of them children, have drowned as two boats making the hazardous crossing from Turkey capsized in the Aegean Sea off Greece on Nov. 1, the Turkish Coast Guard has said, adding to the three children and one woman who died off Turkey's Çanakkale. 

The first tragedy occurred off the island of Samos when a boat overturned just 20 meters from the shore.

Amazing video shows Fourni, ancient shipwreck capital of the world (vid)

The small Fourni archipelago is just 17 square miles large but is hailed as the ancient shipwreck capital of the world thanks to the discovery of 22 shipwrecks in the area. Underwater archeologists are excited by the secrets hidden around the collection of 13 isllands and islets between the eastern Aegean Islands of Samos and Ikaria.

A School of Ancient Greek Athletics to be opened in Ancient Nemea

The Society for the Revival of the Nemean Games aims to establish and run a unique school of sports, a School of Ancient Greek Athletics.

This school will accept students of all ages and from all over the world and will teach them the practice and philosophy of sports in ancient Greece.