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In attack on US Embassy, anarchist group Rouvikonas hurls red paint

A group of vandals belonging to the anarchist group Rouvikonas hurled red paint at the US Embassy in Athens in the early hours of Monday morning.

The attack took place at 3.30 a.m. when the assailants lobbed bottles and balloons full of paint at the embassy's parking area, on the junction of Dorileou and Makedonon streets, before fleeing on scooters.

Renovation of US Embassy starts

US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt (center right) and Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis (center left) break ground for the renovation of the American Embassy in Athens on Wednesday. "This is a very, very big week for the US-Greece relationship as we get ready for the Thessaloniki International Fair. Truly a landmark event in our partnership with Greece," Pyatt said.

US embassy condemns attacks against AHU, calls for arrest of perpetrators

The US embassy in Athens on Tuesday strongly condemned the two attacks on the Hellenic American Union offices in Thessaloniki and Athens by anarchist groups who support hunger-striker and jailed terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas.

"We strongly condemn the recent attacks on American educational institutions in Thessaloniki and Athens," the embassy said in a tweet.