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Mendoni – “Offensive to dangerous conditions for the Parthenon Sculptures”

"This is not the first time that photographs have been published that reveal that the conditions under which the Parthenon Sculptures are exhibited at the British Museum are not only inappropriate, but are offensive to dangerous." This was stated by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Lina Mendoni, answering yesterday's question submitted by Art Newspaper Greece for the publication of its Briti

Underground cisterns of Istanbul displayed for 1st time

Within the scope of a research project that lasted three years, a Turkish historian toured the historical peninsula of Istanbul and explored underwater cisterns, aqueducts, wells and fountains.

"We scanned the mysterious remains under the Topkapı Palace, the Hagia Sophia and the Hagia Irene as we toured around the places with a boat," Arzu Ulaş told Demirören News Agency on June 12.

1,700-year-old ‘Little Hagia Sophia’ enchants visitors

Turkey's Little Hagia Sophia, a church which was converted into a mosque, received thousands of tourists every year prior to the pandemic.

The architectural marvel situated in the Güzelyurt district of central Aksaray province was built by Roman Emperor Theodosius I for Saint Gregorius Theologos in 385 CE.