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Giant swastika discovered under Hamburg sports field! (video)

An enormous swastika was discovered by construction workers at a sports field in Hamburg on Tuesday. Excavators were preparing the foundations for new changing rooms at Billstedt-Horn sports club when they unearthed a four-by-four meter concrete swastika. The sports club believes that this is all that remains of a Nazi-era monument which once stood next to the playing field.

Canadian town refuses to remove swastikas from park as mayor defends local history


A Canadian village has refused to remove swastikas from a local park after an activist tried to paint over the controversial symbols.

The Nazi emblems are on an anchor that is on display in Pointe-des-Cascades, about 50 miles west of Montreal in Quebec.

Nazi Nature: Mysterious WWII forest swastika remained unnoticed until 1992 (PHOTOS)

It’s in the human nature to seek logic in everything, but when a giant group of larches bloomed in a pine forest forming a swastika sign, it’s hard to find any logical sense. Outside of the northeast German town, Zernikov, a patch of larch trees cover 4,300 sq yds of the pine forest, carefully arranged to look like a swastika sign.