Volkswagen best-selling car in Turkey in January

Volkswagen was the most popular car brand in Turkey in January in terms of the number of units it sold on the local market, the latest data have shown.
In the month, the German carmaker managed to sell a total of 3,700 vehicles, according to the calculations of Anadolu Agency, based on the figures from the Automotive Distributors' Association (ODD).

Interpol has Released a "Red Notice" on the Arrest of Former Nissan Director - Carlos Ghosn

The former Nissan boss was under house arrest in Japan, but escaped.

Interpol has released a "Red Notice" on the arrest of former Nissan director.

The request was sent to Lebanon, where Carlos Ghosn fled, hiding from a court in Japan. Beirut's security services have said they have not yet provided the "red bulletin" to the judiciary.

Seven detained in Istanbul for aiding ex-Nissan CEO's flight

Seven people were detained in Istanbul over aiding ex-Nisan CEO Carlos Ghosn's escape from Japan to Lebanon, according to security sources on Jan. 2.

Police squads detained the suspects; four pilots, two employees for a private ground service company and one operations director for a courier company, the sources said.