Renewable energy

The EU will Recognize Nuclear Energy and Natural Gas as Clean

The European Commission will classify nuclear energy and natural gas as clean fuels, giving them access to green finance. This was announced to the European edition "Politico" by the first vice-chairman of the Commission Frans Timmermans.

In an interview published Thursday, Timmermans said:

Slovenia embarking on energy transition with mix of renewables, nuclear

Ljubljana – Slovenia is counting on nuclear in its energy transition since renewable sources alone will not suffice to cover the production shortfall once coal is phased out given that the country has missed many opportunities already, Infrastructure Minister Jernej Vrtovec said on Tuesday. “There is potential for more photovoltaic plants and four hydro power plants.

EU Council: The European Union Must Use Nuclear Power to Ensure its Energy Independence

The EU must use nuclear energy to ensure its energy independence, only alternative sources will not be enough. This was announced on Tuesday in Luxembourg by the Slovenian Minister of Infrastructure Ernej Vartovec, who is chairing an extraordinary meeting of the EU Council at the level of energy ministers, convened to discuss the energy crisis, TASS reports.

Energy Minister – Reduction in electricity bills of 1.1 billion euros from the interconnections of the islands

The reduction of 1.1 billion euros in electricity bills of all consumers will be brought about in the next 4 years through the electricity interconnection of the islands and the consequent reduction of the cost of Utilities, according to the data presented today by the Minister of Environment and Energy Costas Skrekas speaking to energypress conference on renewables and energy storage.

Prof. Yanev: Without Nuclear Energy Bulgaria Cannot Have a Low-Carbon Economy

If we want to create a low-carbon energy system, we cannot bypass nuclear energy. This was stated in an interview with BGNES by Prof. Dr. Yanko Yanev, Director of the Institute for Nuclear Knowledge Management in Vienna and Executive Director of the International Academy of Nuclear Energy.