Republic of Crimea

NATO enters the conflict?

Antonov wrote on Telegram that there is no necessary infrastructure to operate those fighter jets in Ukraine, and that there is no required number of pilots and personnel to maintain the aircraft, Reuters reported.
Antonov also warned that any Ukrainian attack on Crimea would be considered an attack on Russia.

The Russians showed the Arrest of a Bulgarian for Sabotage in Front of a Bus with Bulgarian License Plates

The military channel "Zvezda" released a video of the arrest of a Bulgarian with Ukrainian citizenship, who was detained yesterday in Russia by anti-terrorists. The video shows a man being handcuffed in front of a silver Volkswagen van with a registration number from Plovdiv. You can hear how the man wants to put on some pants first.

Russia allegedly thwarted Ukrainian Sabotage in Crimea: A Bulgarian was also Detained

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) says it has arrested a group of saboteurs suspected of plotting assassination attempts against senior officials in annexed Crimea. The case involves seven people - Ukrainians, Russians and one Bulgarian.