Republican People's Party

Turkey's newest 'crazy project'

I am grateful to the Central Bank for banning me from their regular meetings with economists. If it weren?t for that, I would have missed, like most market economists, the unveiling of Turkey?s new megaproject, which coincided with the bank?s latest meeting on May 21.

Polling committee head dismissed in Germany over multiple vote attempt

A polling committee head living in Frankfurt has been caught while attempting to vote in the name of somebody else in Turkey's upcoming June 7 general election.

The president of the number six ballot box Hasan Tüfek, who is also a religious official in the city, cast his own vote on May 14 and took photos of himself while voting.

Turkish voters in the US begin voting for June 7 elections

Turkish citizens in the U.S. began voting at polling stations inside the Turkish Embassy in Washington and consulates across the country on May 16, for the upcoming June 7 elections.

Some 14,000 Turkish citizens are eligible to vote in Washington D.C., while the overall number of registered Turkish voters in the U.S. is about 90,000.

CEOs forecast continued AKP rule with fewer votes, HDP to pass election threshold

A majority of top executives from Turkey's largest companies believed the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) would be the winner of the upcoming June elections, but the party's votes would decrease compared to the previous elections, according to a survey by Turkish economy magazines Capital and Ekonomist.