ITN Achieve Understanding on Number of Cabinet Members in Talks with Democratic Bulgaria and Rise Up BG

There Is Such a People (ITN) achieved complete understanding and substantial similarity on a number of sectors in their talks with Democratic Bulgaria, Rise Up BG!Here We Come! and BSP for Bulgaria. This transpired from a declaration of the TISP Parliamentary Group that its Deputy Floor Leader Filip Stanev read, addressing a plenary sitting of Bulgaria's Parliament on Wednesday.

Book Explores Kosovo Albanian Tradition of Dream Interpretation

These are just some of the dream meanings as traditionally understood by Kosovo Albanians, and now collected in a book published in Pristina.

For months, two young anthropologists, Iliriana Blakaj and Bjeshka Guri, have been travelling all over Kosovo, collecting memories of the way people interpret their night-time thoughts in sleep.

Vučić: "Vulin and I will file criminal charges against ourselves"

Vui said that the "Open Balkans" initiative and the decision to abolish the borders in 2023 are historic.
"I think it is a historic decision, and we will see if we will be ready to implement it. We have to try to harmonize regulations. To enable people not to see borders, it requires a lot of work, and those are huge benefits for companies.

Caretaker Financial Minister Vassilev: We Continue Our Work

 Ministry of Finance requested by the Ministry of Interior to conduct a check over the digging operations in Varna Lake.

The request was announced to BTV by the acting Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev. He clarified that for this case his administration does not have certain conclusions for a committed crime and therefore directs the signal to the "Economy Police".

Ziga Divjak: Slovenia Is Complicit in Violent Pushbacks of Refugees

His team also visited Bosnia, seeing the tough situation on the ground and talking to migrants, listening to their points of view.

"The police and Interior Ministry are on TV every day, but these people never get a voice," the 29-year-old director states.

Political decisions with personal consequences

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Kosovo Faces Uphill Fight in Claiming Yugoslav-Era Property

More than two decades since it broke away from Serbia in war, Kosovo is trying to claim ownership over more than 160 properties dotted around the former Yugoslavia.

So far, proceedings have been started in the case of two properties in neighbouring Montenegro totalling some 37,500 square metres in the coastal municipality of Budva.