Kosovo Restaurant Stages Silent Protest Against COVID-19 Restrictions

Usually at lunchtime, restaurants in Pristina are full of customers but these days it is the silence that is most deeply noticed by passers by.

To stop the spread of the coronavirus, the Kosovo government has imposed a new set of measures, and restaurant owners complain they are affected the most.

In Kosovo, System ‘Failing to Protect’ Domestic Abuse Victims

At one point, during the beatings, Magbule [not her real name] thought her only choice was whether to endure the violence or take her own life.

"I had nowhere to go," she said. "I was severely beaten, but I endured it all. On the day I was thrown out, I could not cope anymore."

Magbule was driven out of her home by her family in a remote region of southern Kosovo last year.

Russia’s Warmongering in Eastern Europe and Arctic Alerts Pentagon

Russia has upped its saber rattling in Eastern Europe and the Arctic, a move that has put the Biden administration on alert.

In the past two weeks, Moscow has moved to test Washington and its allies on land, in the air and at sea with a buildup of military equipment in eastern Ukraine, military flights near Alaskan airspace and submarine activity in the Arctic.

Bulgaria’s President Addressed Nation: Think, Choose, Vote!


Those who do not go to the polls will leave the fate of our Motherland, the fate of their loved ones and their own fate to the arbitrariness of the choice of others, Bulgaria's President said in a televised address to the people on April 1.

He called upon all adult Bulgarians: "Think, choose, vote. Everything is up to us on Sunday."

Kosovo Police Detain Wartime Massacre Suspect

Kosovo's Special Prosecution said in a statement on Wednesday that a suspect identified only by the initials M.A. has been detained "for the criminal offence 'war crimes against the civilian population'".

The prosecution said that the person who was arrested, an ethnic Albanian who holds Serbian citizenship, will soon appear before a pre-trial judge.