Significant Increase in Bulgarians' Trips for the Second Quarter of the Year

The trips of the Bulgarians doubled in the period April - June, according to the data of the National Statistical Institute. Over the three months, 1.219 million Bulgarians traveled, as expected, most of them traveled in the country - 75.7%, 19.1% traveled abroad, and 5.2% - both in the country and abroad.

Croatia to Dismiss Diplomat for ‘White Europe’ Facebook Posts

Croatia has suspended a senior diplomat at its embassy in Berlin over Facebook posts in which she promoted the European Union's newest member as populated only by "white Europeans".

Elizabeta Madjarevic, the embassy's first secretary, was recalled to Croatia and her dismissal has been initiated, the foreign ministry said on Monday.

Romania favorably answers EC call, offers to take in migrants from Malta

Following the latest developments regarding Mediterranean migrants, Romania has favorably answered a call by the European Commission, which coordinates efforts to identify solutions for saving migrant lives, offering to take in 10 migrants from Malta, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed in a Friday statement.

Bulgaria Negotiates $ 1.5 billion Worth of Turkmen Gas and Investment from South Korea

Bulgaria Discusses with Turkmenistan Natural Gas Supplies for the Balkan Gas Hub At the first Caspian Economic Forum, it was also revealed that our country is also negotiating a major billion dollar investment in South Korea and that we have not dropped out of the race for Volkswagen. 

PM Borissov, Avramova, Zhelyazkov and Petkova Will Take Part in the First Caspian Economic Forum in Turkmenistan

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov will visit Turkmenistan from August 10-12. The Bulgarian PM will participate in the First Caspian Economic Forum which will be held in the Avaza National Tourist Area near Turkmenbashi.