Republika Srpska

Hate Crimes in Bosnia: Under-Reported and Rarely Prosecuted

Hodzic's assailant, Renato Marjanovic, filmed the incident. The video, which Marjanovic posted on Facebook but later removed, showed him telling his Bosniak victim: "Now, say aloud that you ask the Bosnian Serbs for forgiveness and say that you respect Republika Srpska and [Bosnian Serb political leader] Milorad Dodik."

Targeting ‘Turks’: How Karadzic Laid the Foundations for Genocide

The regime of Radovan Karadzic was not totalitarian in the sense that Nazism or Stalinism were; yet it was a regime that existed solely for the purpose of murder - the physical annihilation of non-Serbs, or more specifically, Bosnian Muslims.

Let me quote from Karadzic's court verdict a description of some of the events that took place in Rogatica in eastern Bosnia during the war:

Sarajevo to Pay €358,000 for War Crime Suspects’ Defence

Vasvija Vidovic, a lawyer who has represented former Bosnian Army soldiers at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and the Bosnian state court, argued that defendants find themselves difficult financial situations because trials are long-running and very expensive.