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KIS condemns Iran attack on Israel

The Central Board of Jewish Communities (KIS) and Greek Jewry have issued a statement condemning Iran's airborne attacks against Israel on Saturday and expressing solidarity with the people of Israel.

KIS emphasizes Iran's role as an "instigator of global terrorism," citing attacks by Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Houthis.

Hamas demands written commitment from Israel on Gaza truce

Hamas has demanded a "clear written commitment" that Israel will withdraw from the Gaza Strip during the second of a three-phase ceasefire deal, a senior Egyptian official and a Hamas official said yesterday.

"We confirm our readiness to reach a deal regarding a serious exchange of prisoners between the two sides," Hamas said.

EU Red Sea mission has repelled 11 attacks: Borrell

The European Union's naval mission in the Red Sea has repelled attacks on 11 civilian ships since it was launched in late February, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Monday.

The Iran-backed Huthis, who control much of war-torn Yemen, have been targeting the vital shipping lane since November in a campaign they say is in solidarity with Palestinians during the Gaza war.

Dendias: After Red Sea mission, Greece seeks key role in EU defense

Greece, host of the headquarters of the EU operation to shield ships from Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, hopes to play a more central role in ensuring security of the 27-nation bloc, the defense minister said.

"We have to be able to defend ourselves," Nikos Dendias told Reuters, adding that the European Union could achieve that in cooperation with NATO and other allies.

Greece-flagged, US-owned ship reports missile attack off Yemen, Ambrey says

A Greece-flagged, US-owned, cargo ship reported a missile attack in the Gulf of Aden and called for military assistance, British maritime security firm Ambrey said on Monday.

The crew was unharmed in the incident, which occurred 93 nautical miles east of Aden, Yemen, it said.