Brazil Oxygen Supplies Running Short amid Second Covid Wave

Brazilian doctors and scientists are working hard to understand the new variant of Covid-19 that was found in the Amazon.

At the same time, doctors in the rainforest's biggest city Manaus are struggling to control rising numbers of deaths from Covid-19 and soaring cases, as the country goes through a devastating second wave. 

Bulgaria: People No Longer Overstock on Foods But Shopping Habits Have Changed

When the state of emergency in the country was declared in mid-March, many people rushed to food stores and began stocking up on durable products - flour, cereals, canned food, toilet paper... The traders' assurances that none of these was at risk of disappearing from shelves did not help.

Non-essential services closed again, temporary travel allowed

Ljubljana – Shops that are not selling essentials will be closed again as of Thursday and only essential services will be provided as the temporary easing of restrictions before the holidays ended on Wednesday. Public transport will continue to operate during the holidays and travel around Slovenia will be allowed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Jumbo toy containers stranded at ports

Greek retailer Jumbo said on Tuesday thousands of containers filled with toys it ordered months before Christmas remain stuck in ports around the world as warehouses in Greece are overwhelmed due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

A Greek website said Jumbo had about 6,000 containers stuck on cargo ships.

A company official told Reuters the "figure is impressive, but it's real."