Moscow responds to fears about "espionage center in Serbia"

Maria Zakharova has called "absurd" the statements made by US officials regarding the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center in Nis, southern Serbia.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, US diplomats have made "absolutely unthinkable, absurd, far-fetched accusations in the worst tradition of the Cold War," RIA Novosti is reporting.

Mexico: PRI Candidate Narrowly Wins Important Mexico State Election

Image: Google Maps

TOLUCA, Mexico - In the all-important gubernatorial election in the State of Mexico, the most populous in the nation and often a harbinger of subsequent presidential election results, the candidate of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party narrowly defeated the candidate of the socialdemocratic Morena amid accusations of fraud.

Balkans may soon turn into the powder keg of Europe again

Photo: Profimedia

The ongoing developments in the Balkans evoke strong memories of 1914, RIA Novosti contributor Dmitri Dobrov noted, warning that the region may soon turn into the powder keg of Europe again. It appears, however, that neither Washington, nor Brussels wants to make it easier for Balkan states to ease growing tensions.

Ria Antoniou shows off bust (videos-photo)

Sexy Greek model and TV persona Ria Antoniou, who has been carving out a career for herself on Italian TV for the past years, shared a hot photo and video with her Instagram fans from backstage. The 28-year-old bombshell struck a sexy pose wearing a white shirt and showing off her incredible bust just before going on air for the TV show “Colorado”.

Ria Antoniou with Antonio Banderas

Sexy Greek super model Ria Antoniou has been following her dream in show biz, as she has appeared on Italian TV on numerous occasions. the blonde beauty seems to have set her eye on higher goals, as she recently uploaded a photo on her Instagram account posing with Hollywood super star Antonio Banderas. The caption reads ‘During my fitting for the Oscars’. Well done Ria.