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Bulgarian Health Ministry will Create Programme for Hepatitis B and C Prevention and Control

The Ministry of Health has decided to create a national programme for the prevention and control of hepatitis B and C, Deputy Minister of Health Svetlana Yordanova said in connection with the World AIDS Day and the European HIV Testing Week, Focus News Agency reports.

Think Pink Europe breast cancer organization launched Wednesday, Mihaela Geoana to serve as president

Five breast cancer NGOs from Belgium, Italy, Greece, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina launched on Wednesday at the European Parliament the Think Pink Europe organization, with Mihaela Geoana appointed president of this NGO that will interconnect and take their efforts international, the Renaissance Foundation said in a release.

Pink Camper on a Tour in 25 Cities in Bulgaria to Help Women With Breast Cancer

Pink camper will help women with breast cancer. The center on four tires will reach more than 25 cities in the country, and  help patients to receive help which will be completely free, according to NOVATV.

The pink Camper is part of the Foundation ''One of Eight''.

Physical exercise helps reduce fatigue in cancer patients, study shows

Now research revealed that exercise helps people battling the fatigue caused by cancer and by its treatment — and usually does it better than drugs do. Karen Mustian of the University of Rochester Medical Centre and colleagues looked through all the studies they could find on the various ways to help cancer patients get their energy back.

Company fires, then rehires single mom ill with cancer

A worker ill with cancer who was told over the phone that her contract would not be extended will be offered a new contract by the Nis-based Yura factory.

The woman, Violeta Petrovic, found out that her 18-month limited time contract with the Korean company which expired on November 30 would not be extended while she was on sick leave, battling breast cancer.