Greeks stocking up on antiseptic, rice and pasta

It appears Greek consumers will have rice and pasta in their pantries for several months to come, while supermarket data on the sale of flour suggests they are preparing to start baking their own bread. At the same time, sales of antiseptic tissues rose about eightfold in the week when the first coronavirus cases were reported in Greece, which explains the recent shortage.

Bulgaria Expects Wheat Crop of 5.4 Million Tonnes, Enough for Country's Wheat Balance

Sofia. The expected wheat production this year is 5.4 million tonnes, according to data of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. There is enough bread wheat despite concerns, said the chairman of the National Association of Grain Producers, Kostadin Kostadinov. The industry has similar data - an average yield of about 4,600 kg/ha.

Global Warming will Make Insects Hungrier, Eating up Key Crops

AFP - Researchers have found a new way that global warming is bad for the planet: more hungry bugs.

Rising temperatures will stimulate insects' appetites -- and make some prone to reproducing more quickly -- spelling danger for key staples like wheat, corn and rice which feed billions of people, researchers said Thursday.