Low Danube LevelHinders Navigation at Bulgarian Section of River

Low levels of the Danube hinder shipping along the Bulgarian section of the river.

The situation is the most critical in the area of Belene and near Svishtov.

The Maritime Administration Executive Agency announced that navigation regime through the critical Danube sections has been introduced, which indicates where it is safe to go through.

Electricians playing volleyball on top of poles for balance training

Within the scope of a balance training, workers and electrical technicians of an electricity distribution company in the eastern province of Erzurum are playing volleyball on top of 12-meter-high poles.

"Playing volleyball on top of the poles is difficult but enjoyable," a worker told Demirören News Agency on Sept. 7.

Bulgaria: 7 Million Vehicles Crossed Danube River Bridge at Vidin since Opening

Seven million vehicles have crossed the Vidin-Calafat bridge in the two directions between Bulgaria and Romania since the facility was commissioned in June 2013, Lyudmil Dimitrov, the new Executive Director of the joint Bulgarian-Romanian company which operates the bridge, said in a BTA interview.

We are not going to face with the German scenario, but with another one

In Western Europe, about 200 people lost their lives, entire villages and even cities were flooded. The damage is huge, and the Germans are now threatened by toxic sludge. What worried us in Serbia was the large amount of precipitation that fell on our country, but also the Danube, which "collects" all that water from Europe.

Vučić on the way to Kladovo: "Serbia is beautiful, and the Danube is its pearl" PHOTO

He posted a photo of himself traveling to that place on his Instagram account.
"On the way to Kladovo. Serbia is beautiful, and the Danube is its pearl. New investments are coming to the east of our country. Serbia is winning!", reads the description of the photo.