Road traffic management

Bulgaria has the Most Dangerous Roads in Europe for Heavy Goods Vehicles

Bulgaria has the most dangerous roads for driving heavy goods vehicles in Europe, according to a study by a British technology and logistics company.

International drivers complain about broken roads, kilometers-long queues at borders, lack of rest areas and systematic violation of traffic rules, which often lead to accidents with fatal consequences.

Bulgaria: The Court finally set a 140 km/h Maximum Speed Limit on the Highway

The Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) has finally canceled the 20-year-old legally enshrined circumstance, in which the Bulgarian regulatory framework gives different answers to the question of what is the highest speed for driving on a highway. This was reported by

Speed limits on highways increase on July 1

The increase of speed limits by 10 to 20 kilometers per hour on highways across the country will start as of July 1.

The speed limits on some highways will be increased from 120 to 130 kph and from 120 to 140 kph on other roads. The speed limit will be 140 kph for the highways whose construction works are ongoing and will open to service in the future.

Bulgaria: Poor Roads and Lack of Control are the Main Reasons for the Large Number of Accidents

The summer months are the time when traffic on the roads is busier. More people are on the road and cities are filled with tourists. Unfortunately, this is also the time when most accidents occur. For the third consecutive year on June 29 we mark the National Road Safety Day in Bulgaria. The aim is to draw public attention to road safety issues, which are not insignificant.