Roads in Bulgaria

Intensive Тraffic at "Kalotina", "Kapitan Andreevo" and "Danube Bridge" Border Checkpoints

At the border checkpoints Kalotina, Kapitan Andreevo and Danube Bridge in Vidin the traffic is intensive, data from 7:00 am of the Ministry of Interior shows.

At the Kalotina border checkpoint the traffic is intensive at the entrance for cars, Kapitan Andreevo - at the exit for trucks and at the Danube Bridge at Vidin at the entrance and at the exit for both cars and trucks.

Kilometric Queue of Cars at Kulata Border Checkpoint

Nearly a 4-kilometer long queue of cars was formed at Kulata border checkpoint. At Makaza border checkpoint, traffic is also intense on both sides - exit and entrance, the Border Police reported.

At the "Kalotina" border checkpoint, Lesovo border checkpoint and Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint the traffic is also increased.

Border Police Warns of Increased Traffic on the Border with Greece

Border police warns of increased traffic on the border with Greece.

It is expected to gather trucks and cars at the Makaza border checkpoint, due to the beginning of the tourist season and the reduced number of employees from the Greek side.

There are only 2 out of 4 routes available.

Ambulance Accident on the Hemus Highway - One Man Is Injured

One man was injured a car accident between a car and an ambulance on the Hemus highway in the direction of Varna.

This was announced by the FOCUS Agency from the SDVR.

The road accident occurred at 12:40 am at the 12th-13th km on the motorway.

The victim was transported in a hospital for an examination.