Robert Fico

Extremists Benefit from Radical Narratives Spread by Some Slovak Politicians

Nurturing 'pub talk'

The popularity of Robert Fico, the former prime minister and chair of the social democratic Smer party who is currently an opposition MP, has received a boost lately. While only 19 per cent of voters trusted him in November 2020, that figure had risen to 29 per cent by September, according to a poll by Focus.

Anti-Corruption Party Tops Vote in Slovakia Election

In the first parliamentary election since the murder two years ago of journalist Jan Kuciak, the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OLANO) party took almost 25 per cent of the vote, compared with 18.5 per cent for SMER-SD.

It was SMER-SD's first loss in a general election since 2006 and its worst showing at the ballot box since 2002.

Independent Media in Central and Southeast Europe Under ‘Assault’ – Report

The report, Fighting Words: Journalism Under Assault in Central and Eastern Europe, issued on Wednesday by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and the University of Oxford evaluates the situation of the media in the region by drawing on interviews with about a hundred journalists in 16 countries during 2019.

Anti-Roma Rhetoric Under Scrutiny Before Slovak Election

Shortly after the verdict, former Prime Minister Robert Fico leapt to Mazurek's defence in a Facebook video.

"Milan Mazurek only said what nearly a whole nation thinks," said Fico, leader of the governing SMER-SD party. "If you execute someone for truth, you will turn him into a national hero. Should we be afraid to say that part of the Roma people abuse the social system?"

‘Million Moments’: Can Czech Protest Movement Regain Momentum?

But the organisers called a pause over the summer holidays and asked protesters to reconvene on November 16, the day before the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. 

Can the protest movement now regain momentum through a new wave of protests, and even if it does, will it ever have a decisive impact on Czech politics?

Slovakia Lags on LGBT Rights, Says Ombudswoman

"As soon as I took the position, this issue, especially the question of the rainbow flag, came up," said Patakyova, who defied political pressure and kept the flag flying. She also became a prominent supporter of Bratislava's annual Pride march.

Slovakia is one of only six EU countries that do not allow legal partnerships or adoption of children by same-sex couples.