Romani people

Roma to Make Up 1/4 of New Entries into Bulgaria's Labour Market in 2020

Bulgaria needs measures to mitigate cases of social exclusion in view of the growing number of Roma people who are to join the labour market, Deputy PM and Education Minister Meglena Kuneva has said.

"The economy increasingly needs special skills and those who are not educated will be socially excluded," Kuneva has told private bTV station.

Turkey's first Roma deputy calls for solid action against discrimination on Roma Day

Turkey's first Roma deputy, Özcan Purcu, has drawn attention to discrimination against Roma citizens, citing problems in education, healthcare and equal access to the job market. The deputy asked for "proof of love [for Roma people]" on International Roma Day, marked on April 8 each year, by taking efficient political action, instead of uttering "vain words."

"Serbs and Roma still discriminated in Croatia," says AI

Discrimination against Serbs and Roma continues in Croatia, according to the annual report of the Amnesty International NGO.

According to the report, Croatia last year dealt with the problem of a large number of refugees and migrants, while authorities are criticized for not paying enough attention to vulnerable persons.