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'There is No Other,' Roma people to say in upcoming symposium

Ali Daylam, a renowned name in working to better the lives of Roma people in Turkey, talked to Hürriyet Daily News before the International Roma Symposium to be held in Ankara on Oct. 22?The problems facing the Roma people in Turkey could be clustered under four headlines: Housing, employment, health and education.

Slovakia to take EC refugee quota scheme to European Court

Slovakia  will recourse to the European Court of Justice against the decision by the European Commission to enforce a mandatory refugee relocation scheme to other EU member-states of the 120,000 migrants currently in Greece and Italy. The government of Slovakia announced it would take the matter to the European Court, Tuesday.

Roma in Bulgaria's Garmen to Protest Housing Demolition

The residents of a Roma neighborhood in the Bulgarian village of Garmen are taking to the streets on Friday over the municipality's plans to go on bulldozing their homes.

Local authorities consider their protest to be illegal, with mayor Mina Kapitanova banning rallies in the central area of Garmen on Friday.

Renewed Tensions in Bulgaria's Garmen as Demolition of Illegal Buildings Continues

Tensions in the Bulgarian village of Garmen were renewed as four illegal buildings were demolished on Monday.

More than fifty police and gendarmerie officers guarded the officials tasked with the demolition of the illegal buildings, Darik radio informs.

Slovakia plans to accept "only Christian" migrants

Slovakia has announced it will only accept Syrian refugees who are Christians, when a new EU migrant relocation scheme is implemented, BBC reported.

According to the British broadcaster, "the country is due to receive 200 people from camps in Turkey, Italy and Greece under the EU plan to resettle 40,000 new arrivals."

Residents of Bulgaria's Garmen Issue New Ultimatum to Authorities

Residents from the municipality of Garmen issued a new ultimatum to Bulgarian authorities on Monday.

The residents tabled a petition with 720 signatures to the Council of Ministers, giving the authorities a deadline of one week to take an action against the illegal Roma dwellings.

EU Court Condemns Discriminatory Practice of Bulgarian Unit of Power Distributor CEZ

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Luxembourg has ruled that the practice of the Bulgarian subsidiary of power distributor CEZ of placing electricity meters in districts inhabited predominantly by Roma higher than in other areas constitutes discrimination.