Romania expects Schengen Membership by the End of the Year

Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said he expects Romania - after more than a decade of waiting - to enter the EU's Schengen area before the end of the year. This will eliminate the long wait at Romania's borders with other EU countries and increase its attractiveness for foreign investors.

EC Rule of Law Report Flags up Several Balkan States

Romania's press is in the highest risk category regarding freedom of expression, according to the newest report on the Rule of Law in the EU released on Wednesday by the European Commission.

The Media Pluralism Monitor ranks EU member states into five risk levels: Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania and Slovenia are considered highest-risk countries.

Steady Decline in Incoming Ukrainian Refugees, A Lot are Leaving Bulgaria

There is a steady downward trend in the number of Ukrainians entering the country from Ukraine and more leaving Bulgaria. This is shown by the data at the border checkpoint near Ruse.

One in five - this is how we can summarize the number of Ukrainian citizens leaving and entering through the two border checkpoints near Ruse - the Danube Bridge, as well as the Central Railway Station.

Romania suspends Flights of its MiG-21 Fighters

NATO member Romania is suspending flights of its other MiG-21 Lancer fighters today due to a "significantly higher accident rate" and will speed up the planned purchase of used F-16 fighters from Norway, Reuters reported, citing the ministry of defense. The move is not related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which shares a 650-kilometer border with Romania, the agency said.