Romanian legislative election

#Europeanelections2019/ PSD tops ballot paper, followed by USR PLUS alliance, Pro Romania

The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) decided on Wednesday by drawing lots the order of the parties on the ballot paper in the May 26 elections to the European Parliament, with majority party Social Democratic Party (PSD), the opposition 2020 alliance of Save Romania Union (USR) and PLUS, and the Pro Romania Party on the top three spots.

Leftist Win in Romania Creates Dilemma for President

Romania's Social Democratic Party, PSD, won legislative elections on Sunday and is set to designate the next Prime Minister, although it is still unclear if it managed to win a majority in parliament.

According to partial results after 98 per cent of the votes were counted, the PSD won 45.9 per cent, but this result might change after a redistribution of votes.

Romania's Social Democrats Poised for Comeback to Power

The Social Democrat Party (PSD) is in for a big win in the general election held in Romania on Sunday, exit poll projections show.

If confirmed, the result could bring the left-wing party back into power after resigning over last year's protests.

The PSD got 45.2% of the vote, acording to the Center for Urban and Regional Sociology (CURS), quoted by AGERPRES.

Liberals Demand Change in Romania's Local Elections

Romania's National Liberal Party, PNL, says it will formally ask the new "technocratic" government of Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos. to pass an emergency ordinance amending the electoral law, so that elections for mayors and county council presidents take place in two rounds.

Local elections are scheduled for the middle of 2016.

CSCI poll: Results if elections were held next Sunday: new PNL - 42 pct; PSD-UNPR-PC - 39 pct

The new National Liberal Party (made up of the former PNL - the National Liberal Party and the former PDL - Democratic Liberal Party) would collect the most votes, if parliamentary elections were to be held in Romania next Sunday, says a poll conducted by the CSCI and sent to AGERPRES.

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