Romanian presidential election

#2019PresidentialElection/USR's Barna: I invite President Iohannis and Mrs. Dancila to a debate prior to first round

Chairman of the Save Romania Union (USR) Dan Barna has announced in Ploiesti on Monday that he invites the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Social Democratic Party (PSD) candidates, namely Klaus Iohannis and Viorica Dancila, to a public debate on Romania's future, which would take place prior to the first round of elections.

President Iohannis, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe want Romania - Japan Strategic Partnership to be launched in 2021

President Klaus Iohannis met on Monday in Tokyo with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, with the two top officials expressing on the occasion their wish for the Strategic Partnership between the two countries to be launched in 2021, the Presidential Administration informs.

Outgoing PM says PM-designate cannot decide on European commissioner pick

Outgoing Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), said in Constanta on Thursday evening that a prime minister-designate cannot make a decision on Romania's pick for European commissioner, arguing that President Klaus Iohannis made a "big mistake" by saying in Brussels that a government duly dismissed in Parliament cannot make a proposal for European

#2019PresidentialElection Iohannis: We will put Gov't to work for Romanians, not against them, as PSD did

President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday criticized the Social Democratic Party (PSD), saying that it attacked justice, the economy, investors, big public systems and said the new Executive will start working for Romanians. "You and I are at war with the PSD and we will win it. We have three more battles: the presidential, the local and the parliamentary, whereupon we make Romania normal.

#2019PresidentialElection/Iohannis proposes modernization of institutions, revision of laws, continuation of anti-corruption fight

President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday published his candidate programme for a new term in office, titled "Together for a Normal Romania," in which he proposes, among other things, the modernization of the state institutions, the revision of laws and the continuation of the anti-corruption fight. The programme has 10 chapters and will be launched on October 27.

President Iohannis: Public debate on my vision for "Normal Romania" on 27 October

President Klaus Iohannis announced that the public debate on his presidential programme would take place on 27 October. "Dear Romanians, only united we can finally overcome all the transition stages of the post-December period and start the authentic development of Romania.

Dancila: We have made decision not to come at new government's investiture vote

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has decided not to show up in Parliament at the vote of the new government's investiture, PSD leader Viorica Dancila said on Tuesday.      "We are waiting for the parties that voted the dismissal of the government to come and assume the responsibility of the government. To come with the programme, the vision and the budget.

Romanian President Nominates PNL’s Ludovic Orban as Premier

National Liberal Party, PNL leader Ludovic Orban has ten days to secure the support of parliament after President Klaus Iohannis asked him on Tuesday to form a new government.

Orban's nomination comes after the Social Democratic Party, PSD government was ousted last Thursday in a no-confidence vote tabled by the opposition.