Academy's Pop: Calendar link between St. Andrew's feast and National Day, not accidental

It is not accidental the "obvious" link in the calendar between the Day of St. Andrew - the 30th of November - and the National Day of Romania and Romanians - the 1st of December, but "a fulfillment of the heavenly providence", on Sunday asserted the head of the Romanian Academy, Ioan-Aurel Pop, on his Facebook page.

PM Orban: Number of citizens with employment agreements down by 14,000 in May against same month of 2019

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Tuesday stated that the number of persons with employment agreements dropped by 14,000 in May 2020 compared with the same period last year. "Very many analysts, political leaders from the Opposition predicted the apocalypse in the employment field: a scary unemployment. We have even been accused of not taking measures for it.

USR: 100 years after Trianon we must focus on our future together

The Save Romania Union USR) on Thursday said that it is vital for Romanians and Hungarians to focus on today's and tomorrow's challenges, to continue to respect each other and to build a common future for them in the European Union, according to the "Unity in Diversity" principle. "100 years after Trianon, we must focus on our future together.

COVID-19 case count of Romanian nationals abroad, death toll constant at 3,074, 106

The number of Romanians abroad infected with the novel coronavirus has remained the same since the last report, which is also true for deaths, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS), the official novel coronavirus communication task force, informed on Monday. According to GCS, 3,074 Romanian citizens abroad were confirmed as infected as of June 1, and 106 as dead from the disease.

President on Day of Romanians Everywhere:Building Romania requires everybody's input, from the country and abroad

In a message on the occasion of the Day of Romanians Everywhere, President Klaus Iohannis says that "it takes all the Romanians, from 'here' and 'out there', from the country and abroad, to build together the prosperous and secure Romania we desire." "The last Sunday of May gives us the opportunity to observe the Day of Romanians Everywhere, a celebration dedicated to those outside country bord

Pandemic Makes Europe’s Economies Hungry for Romania’s ‘Strawberry Pickers’

Often despised as unskilled, low-quality migrants that brought little added value to their new countries - while posing a threat supposedly to jobs and welfare services - nationalist political movements such as Brexit in the UK have often used their presence as part of their platforms.

Presidential Administration: President Iohannis to challenge CNCD decision in a competent court

President Klaus Iohannis will challenge in court the National Council for Combating Discrimination's (CNCD) decision, which he labeled a political one, the Presidential Administration announced. "Romania's President Mr. Klaus Iohannis took note of today's decision of the National Council for Combating Discrimination.

President Iohannis fined RON 5,000 for statements regarding passage of Szeklerland autonomy bill

President Klaus Iohannis was ordered today a RON 5,000 fine by the Board of Directors of the National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) for the offense of discrimination and ethnicity/nationality-based violation of the right to dignity.