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Small blast at British station in Cyprus, criminal motive seen

A small explosion occurred outside a police station at a British base in Cyprus early on Tuesday, authorities said, adding it was being treated as a criminal investigation.

British base authorities said one police officer suffered "very minor injuries" and there was superficial damage to the entrance of the station at Dhekelia, known as the Eastern Sovereign Base Area.

Plan to service UK F-35 jets in Turkey sparks security concerns

Security concerns have been raised about plans to carry out major servicing work on the UK’s new F-35 fighter jets in Turkey.

SNP MP George Kerevan is to call for an inquiry into the policy in the light of last year’s attempted coup in Turkey and tensions with its Nato partners.

Major repairs to RAF combat jets have previously been carried out in the UK.

Germany plans to build fixed location in Turkish air base for 65 mln euros

Germany is planning on building a fixed location inside Turkey's ?ncirlik Airbase, where it is already deploying Tornado jets and an aerial refueling jet along with hundreds of soldiers, for around 65 million euros, Germany's Der Spiegel reported on April 25. 

Defence Council Endorses Project for New Jets for Bulgarian Air Force

Bulgaria's Defence Council has approved the investment project for acquiring new fighter jets for the country's Air Force, public broadcaster BNR reported on Monday.

The decision was taken by the consultative body within the Defence Ministry last week, according to BNR.