Saudis close to crown prince discussed killing enemies a year before Khashoggi's death: Report

Top Saudi intelligence officials close to Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman discussed hiring private companies last year to kill Iranian enemies of the kingdom, the New York Times reported Nov. 11, citing anonymous sources. 

Torches waiting for a spark

Prior to the fire of July 23, because of the enormous efforts over the past year of Vangeli and Sisi, who help me in the garden, there is still some semblance of a garden. Sadly this is not the case for most of my neighbors.

This past year, I "illegally" took out two enormous pine trees - last year one - and we topped and pruned three others.

'Let them eat cake!'

The queen of France supposedly said "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche," which translates into English as "Let them eat cake!" Though there is no historical evidence that Marie-Antoinette ever said such a thing, but history liked it, it must be one of the most often repeated phrases, perhaps because it remains as a good example of a reign oblivious to the poor, suggesting the people should eat fancy