Annually more than 4,000 People Develop Lung Cancer in Bulgaria - over 3,000 of them Are Men

Every year, 4250 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed in Bulgaria, 3260 of them among men, Prof. Asen Dudov, chairman of the Bulgarian Cancer Society, told BTA. According to him, the reasons for the increase in lung cancer cases are smoking, exposure to asbestos, passive smoking, genetic prerequisites and more.

IOCN's Achimas-Cadariu talks about issue of cervical cancer in Romania at the World Health Summit

Medical Director of the Oncology Institute in Cluj Napoca (IOCN) Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu talked about the high incidence of cervical cancer in Romania at the World Health Summit 2019, the most important forum worldwide in terms of health policies.

Success rate in leukemia treatment in children went up to 92 percent: NGO chair

Leukemia has become highly treatable in Turkey, with currently 92 percent of children suffering from the blood cancer responding to the treatment, said Dr. Üstün Ezer, the founder and chairperson of LÖSEV, a Turkish NGO which provides support to children affected by leukemia.

North Macedonia Vaccine Row Keeps 200 Children from Schools

Education Minister Aeber Ademi said on Tuesday that at least 200 children are not being allowed to attend school because they are not vaccinated, but added that these are only the preliminary numbers that the ministry gathered from education inspectorates across the country, and that the real figure might be higher.

Northern Ireland Legalised Abortions and Same-Sex Marriages

Abortions and same-sex marriage became legal in Northern Ireland. In the rest of the United Kingdom, termination of pregnancy has been permitted since 1967. In Northern Ireland, abortions were only allowed when the mother's life was endangered.

Marriages between two people of the same sex were also legal everywhere else in the kingdom except in Northern Ireland.