Scientists Discovered the Most Deadly Modern Disease in 500-Year-Old Mummies

The presence of fatty deposits called plaques in the walls of the arteries of people who died 500 years ago is surprising scientists

They discovered the most deadly modern disease in mummies. An international team of scientists conducted a computer scan of mummies from Greenland. They lived in the sixteenth century, which showed that even then people suffered from blocked arteries.

Gaza painter uses art to depict rare medical disorders

In an effort to fight stigma and raise awareness, Palestinian painter Khalil Z. Khalidy, 24, is using art to introduce rare medical disorders to the public.

Growing up, Khalidy did not have a lot of friends since his parents were constantly traveling. Thus, he started to develop a passion for all kinds of art, especially body painting. Art was his way to voice out his thoughts.

Spanish Law Enforcement Seized a Submarine Loaded with more than 2 Tonnes of Cocaine

Spanish law enforcement has seized a submarine that was loaded with more than 2 tonnes of cocaine, according to the El Pais.

Law enforcement officers have detained at least two people. The submarine was discovered in the waters of Galicia. It is believed that the submarine has arrived from Colombia. There are no other details so far.