Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev: If We Reach 100 People Within Three Days, The Measures Will Be Tightened Again

If we reach 100 people within three days, the measures will be tightened again. This was confirmed by the Chief State Health Inspector and member of the National Operational Staff Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev on BNT   He said that the week of April 20-26 was with the highest values, but it is too early to draw general conclusions and it is in our hands what we will allow to happen.

Russia is Now in the Top 5 of the Most Affected by the Coronavirus Countries

Russia is already in the top 5 most affected countries in the world. Over the past 24 hours, more than 11,200 new cases have been registered there, bringing the total number to 177,160, BNT reported.

Almost half of the newly infected did not show any symptoms. Most cases have been reported in Moscow.

People with autism perform at online festival

People with autism who cannot leave their homes due to the COVID-19 outbreak are displaying their skills at the İZOT Home Autism Festival organized by the İzmir Autism Orchestra and Choir on social media.
Having given concerts in 180 cities in different countries since 2013, İZOT's concert programs, which were planned to start in March, had been canceled.

Kon: If coronavirus was with us in December, those were probably isolated cases

"If the virus was massively present, we would have discovered it earlier. We would have known the number of those who had flu-like illnesses, and this was not something special," Kon told RTS this morning.
He said that after lifting the state of emergency, contacts would continue to be avoided, which would continue to be especially true for those over 65 and for chronic patients.

Another 16 persons infected with coronavirus have passed away taking death toll to 771

Another 16 persons infected with the novel coronavirus have passed away, taking the death toll to 771, on Saturday night informs the Strategic Communication Group (GCS). The 16 deceased are from the counties of Galati, Suceava, Bihor, Maramures, Timis, Bacau and from Bucharest.