Start of School Year in Bulgaria

President Rumen Radev welcomed the students and teachers on the first day of school at Hristo Smirnenski primary school in Pazardzhik.

"The Bulgarian school is more than a temple of knowledge, it is a sacred placve where our children develop awareness of themselves and the surrounding world," Rumen Radev said.  

Caretaker Economy Minister Kiril Petkov: I Handed my Canadian Passport to Canadian Authorities

Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov stated, in an interview for Nova TV, that he does not have a Canadian passport in his possession, and that he has handed it, and his citizenship certificate over to the Canadian authorizes.

"Who is that incompetent man?"; Bulgaria angry at the United States, demands answers

This was stated by the director of the office of the non-parliamentary party ABV in the area of Plovdiv, Georgi Ilchev.
At the same time, former Bulgarian Interior Minister Rumen Petkov is looking to find "an incompetent man from the USA who mixed up the landing zone".

Caretaker Economy Minister Dismissed Supervisory Board of Bulgarian Development Bank

Caretaker Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov removed from office members of the current Supervisory Board of the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB), Dimitar Simeonov and Velina Burska. The proposed replacements are Vasil Shtonov and Valentin Mihov.

Bulgarian Industrial Association: The 60/40 Measure Does not Work

A survey by the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) among 580 enterprises in the sphere of services and trade shows that more than 80% of them say that the 60/40 anti-crisis measure (sharing the cost of staff salaries between the state and employers) is inefficient, Dimiter Brankov, BIA Vice President said for the Bulgarian National Radio.