Rumen Radev

Bulgaria's President-Elect Declines Security Council Invitation

Bulgarian President-elect has turned down the invitation by incumbent Rosen Plevneliev to take part in the Consultative Council on National Security (KSNS) taking place on Tuesday.

Rumen Radev, who won the presidential election earlier this month, has said he cannot attend the council before having assumed his duties.

Bulgaria's President-Elect Radev: There Is No Political Crisis

There is no political crisis in Bulgaria, stated to journalists President-Elect Rumen Radev after the official ceremony for the presentation of the decision of the Central Election Commission for the nomination of president and vice president of Bulgaria, reported Focus agency.

According to Radev, a normal constitutional procedure is taking place now.

Romania's Ex-Justice Min Monica Macovei Ready to Help Bulgaria Fight Corruption

Monica Macovei, considered to be the face of the fight against corruption in Romania, said that she's ready to visit Bulgaria and help Bulgarian President-elect Rumen Radev, sharing here experience fighting against corruption, in an interview with private TV station BIT.