Rumen Radev

President Radev Still Relies on Trump, Putin Reaching Agreement on Sanctions

President Rumen Radev continues to rely that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will reach an agreement on the easing of sanctions against Russia and, according to him, this will be the determining factor regarding the stance of Bulgaria and the EU on this issue.

Bulgaria's Election Officials Rule Out Machine Voting Could Fall Through

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Bulgaria is not considering the option that there will be no machine voting in the early election due in less than six weeks.

In an interview with Focus Radio, its spokesperson Aleksandar Andreev has rejected claims that it was late in responding to the lack of machines.

Bulgarian Socialists Announce Leaders of Election Tickets

Journalist Elena Yoncheva will be a BSP for Bulgaria candidate, reported Dnevnik daily.

The Executive Bureau of the party discussed the leaders of the candidates lists with which the party will participate in the snap elections on March 26. These have to be confirmed by the National Council of the party on Saturday.

NY Times: Bulgaria Grows Uneasy as Trump Complicates Ties to Russia

The prospect of US President Donald Trump's moving closer to Russia has scrambled the strategy of "balancing East and West" used for decades by countries like Bulgaria, the New York Times says.

An eager EU member, Bulgaria has seen Russian influence creep in "as rising nationalism caused support for the union to wane", the report goes on.