Rumen Radev

CEC Announces 12 More Persons Elected to National Assembly

The Central Election Commission has announced the names of 12 more persons who are becoming members of the 44th National Assembly after the snap elections on March 26. The announcement came after 12 members elected in two constituencies each finally chose the constituency they want to represent, according to BNR.

EPP President Joseph Daul Criticizes Repeal of Ordinance on Integration of Refugees

European People's Party President Joseph Daul has levelled criticism at the Bulgarian government for repealing ordinance No. 208 on the integration of refugees. In a Tweet he wrote that the repeal was "very bad news against EU practice" and that he expected an immediate reaction from the Bulgarian President, quoted by BNR.

President Radev: I Expect Cabinet of National Purpose, Unity

Under no circumstances do I wish to pressure political parties because these will be some serious compromises. The most important thing is for them to not, under any circumstances, blow up the future, stated President Rumen Radev in Plovdiv when asked the question what he expects the next government to be.

President Rumen Radev: 'Koprivshtitsa Does Not Belong to Several Municipal Councilors'

In a social media post on Thursday President Rumen Radev urged all competent entities to forthwith revise or halt the decision of the municipal council in the town of Koprivshtitsa to withdraw the architectural reserve status of the town. "Any compromise in the case will be a coup against the national memory and cultural heritage of Bulgaria''.

With Snap Elections Over, It Is President Radev's Move

At nearly 100% of processed protocols from voting sections, five political parties will enter the 44th Parliament, while GEB is again the leading political force.

After the Central Election Commission (CEC) announces the official results of the snap elections for parliamentary deputies, the deadline for which is March 30, it is President Rumen Radev's move.