Rumen Radev

Bulgaria's Ex IntMin Secretary Denies Using Office for Political Appointments

Former Interior Ministry Chief Secretary Georgi Kostov has described his dismissal as an instance of "lawlessness" and has repeatedly argued he was pressured into stepping down.

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev earlier this week signed a decree dismissing Kostov, who had been appointed in 2015 under the previous government.

Interim Govt Not To Nominate Bulgarian EU Commissioner

At present, the caretaker government will not nominate a candidate for Bulgarian European Commissioner, announced interim PM Ognyan Gerdzhikov.

The issue was discussed with President Rumen Radev.

"For now, we will not nominate a European Commissioner. At a later stage, a European Commissioner might be nominated," said PM Gerdzhikov.

President Radev, PM Gerdzhikov To Discuss EU Commissioner Nomination

President Rumen Radev and interim PM Ognyan Gerdzhikov will meet on Monday to discuss whether an attempt should be made for the caretaker government to nominate a Bulgarian European Commissioner. This was announced by PM Gerdzhikov on Nova TV.

Gerdzhikov specified that Radev and he have agreed to meet every Monday.

President Radev Still Relies on Trump, Putin Reaching Agreement on Sanctions

President Rumen Radev continues to rely that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will reach an agreement on the easing of sanctions against Russia and, according to him, this will be the determining factor regarding the stance of Bulgaria and the EU on this issue.

Bulgaria's Election Officials Rule Out Machine Voting Could Fall Through

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Bulgaria is not considering the option that there will be no machine voting in the early election due in less than six weeks.

In an interview with Focus Radio, its spokesperson Aleksandar Andreev has rejected claims that it was late in responding to the lack of machines.