Ruse Province

Power Outages Persist: Numerous Bulgarian Settlements Still in Darkness

Disaster recovery efforts have slowly commenced, but numerous Bulgarian settlements continue to face a severe lack of electricity. "Bulgarian Railways" (BDZ) has confirmed the restoration of all main rail lines, yet complications persist in several municipalities, notably in the Ruse villages of Borovo, Dve Mogili, and Vetovo, where a state of emergency has been declared.

ASF in the Area of ​​Byala

Starting today, Food Safety Agency officials will go from house to house in small settlements in northern Bulgaria to verify that farmers have complied with the order to voluntarily kill pigs in their yards. The deadline for this expired yesterday and the fine is from one hundred to one thousand levs.

State of Emergency Declared in Rousse District over African Swine Fever

State of emergency has been declared on July 23 on the territory of Bulgaria's Rousse District (northern Bulgaria) in relation to the spread of African swine fever after the infection has entered one of the largest pig farms in the area. The business is pushing for stricter measures and state help to counteract the problem.

Bulgarian Border Police: Heavy Outbound Traffic at Lesovo and Ruse

According to data as of 6 am, there is heavy traffic from Bulgaria on the checkpoints of Lesovo and Danube Bridge Ruse, Border Police said. Traffic flow through all other border checkpoints in the country is normal. Border Police are informing drivers that road repairs in the Bulgarian section of Danube Bridge at Ruse will continue through today.

Storm Caused Damage, Blocked Roads and Left Settlements without Electricity in Ruse

Hurricane wind, accompanied by torrential rain and hail, caused serious damage this night in Ruse. Roads were blocked, settlements were left without electricity. There is also a problem with rail transport. The hydro-meteorological station reported that in Ruse this night there was 28.6 liters/sq. m rain and wind speeds reached 122 km/h. The storm lasted for about an hour.

There is a Trend of Constant Increase in Traffic Through the Danube Bridge

Ventsislav Haladzhov said traffic through the Danube Bridge has increased twice in a year, and according to Ruse Regional Governor Galin Grigorov, the solution for the congestion of the facility is to build a parallel bridge that would connect to the future Rousse-Veliko Tarnovo highway.