Russia–Ukraine relations

Ukraine Strikes Russian Landing Craft: Yamal Reportedly Suffers Heavy Damage

Ukraine's military intelligence, the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense, has reported significant damage to a Russian landing craft, the Yamal. The assault on the Yamal, a large Russian amphibious assault ship, occurred on Sunday morning and resulted in serious impairment to the vessel.

Czech Parliament Declares Russia as Primary National Security Threat

The Czech Parliament has officially designated Russia as the foremost threat to the country's national security. The resolution, adopted late last night, underscores growing concerns about Russia's aggressive actions in the region, particularly its attempts to expand influence and commit war crimes in Ukraine and other European countries.

EU says Russian election took place in highly restricted environment of war

The European Union on Monday said the Russian election has taken place in a highly restricted environment "exacerbated by Russia's illegal war of aggression against Ukraine".

The EU said it regretted the decision of Russian authorities not to invite international observers to its elections.

Explosions Strike Belgorod: Russian Legion's Menace Turns Into Reality

Belgorod, a regional center near the Ukrainian border, was struck by a series of explosions following a warning issued by the Freedom of Russia Legion, the Russian Volunteer Corps, and the Siberian Battalion. The threat of bombardment became a reality, sending shockwaves through the city and leaving devastation in its wake.