Old friends in new era: Serbian-Russian digital partnership

She also reiterated that "great attention is being paid to creativity."

At the First Digital Dialogue of Serbia and Russia, organized on Thursday as part of Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Serbia, Brnabic pointed out that our country is investing in education, incentive business environment and e-government in order to be successful in the digital era.

At Least 37 Confirmed Dead After Explosion in Block of Flats in Eastern Russia

At least 37 people are confirmed to have died after a block of flats collapsed in a gas explosion in eastern Russia, reported SKY News. 

Twenty-two of the dead have been identified following the blast on New Year's Eve, which caused part of the 10-storey building to collapse in Magnitogorsk, a city of about 400,000 just over 1,000 miles from Moscow.

With or without a tie

If Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wanted to go down in history as the "Greek premier who did not wear a tie," he has certainly achieved it and does not need to make any extra effort - provided, of course, that he remains (in this respect, at least) consistent, and does not start putting one on and taking it off on various occasions.

Energy talks in cards in Tsipras visit to Moscow

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is in Moscow for an official visit being touted as the beginning of the end of a frosty period in traditionally warm ties between Greece and Russia and during which energy cooperation is expected to be a key focus of talks. 

Tsipras is to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, as well as his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev. 

Ukraine Bans Entry to Russian Adult Men: Border Service Chief

Ukraine has banned Russian adult men aged 16-60 years from entering Ukraine, the head of the border service Petro Tsygykal said in a televised meeting on Friday, quoted by Reuters. 

"Today, the entry of foreigners is limited - primarily citizens of the Russian Federation - non-admission of citizens of the Russian Federation aged from 16 to 60, male," Tsygykal said.