Russian invasion of Ukraine

Ukrainian President Unveils Grim Toll of Russian Invasion

In a stark revelation that sheds light on the true cost of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky disclosed today that a staggering 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers have lost their lives since the conflict began. This marked the first time Ukraine has publicly acknowledged the number of military casualties since the invasion commenced.

Zelensky vows triumph over Russia on second war anniversary

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky promised victory against Russia on the second anniversary of the invasion on Saturday as his troops fight on despite a lack of Western aid and recent Russian gains.

"We will win," he said at a ceremony at Kiev's Gostomel airport, which was targeted by Russia in the first days of the all-out assault in 2022.

US to level more sanctions as Russia claims fresh gains in Ukraine

The United States plans to impose sanctions Friday on more than 500 targets involved in Russia's war in Ukraine, as Moscow claims fresh battlefield advances two years after its invasion.

Ukraine, grappling with hold-ups to much-needed Western military aid, has been pushed back from the front line in recent months.