Russian irredentism

Ukraine 2023: Who Lost The Battle, And Who Will Win The Great War?

We are steadily approaching the beginning of the third year of the war in Ukraine, referred to by the Russian side as a Special Military Operation. Up to this point, we have witnessed a duel between the best weapons and tactics of both Russia and the NATO alliance, unfortunately resulting in hundreds of thousands of fatal casualties on both sides.

She will stand up to Putin: Who is Yekaterina Duntsova?

Vladimir Putin has almost casually announced that he will run for the presidency of Russia again in mid-2024. After a ceremony honoring soldiers in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin announced in mid-December what everyone expected: that he would run for the fifth time in the presidential elections in Russia.

Ukrainian Community In Bulgaria: Pro-Russian Structures Prepare Rally With Ukrainian-Speaking Agents!

Bulgarian-based pro-Russian groups are planning a demonstration titled "End the war in Ukraine," allegedly recruiting Ukrainian-speaking individuals to participate in the event. The Association of Ukrainian Organizations in Bulgaria, "Mati Ukraine," (СУОБ "Мати Украйна") has raised concerns and cautioned against the rally's misleading agenda.