Russian irredentism

Zelensky has "great news": "The counteroffensive is underway"

Kyiv did not provide more precise information regarding the counteroffensive, reports Reuters.
The governor of the Luhansk region, Serhii Gaidai, announced to Ukrainian television, without specifying the locations, that "the counterattack is underway" and the forces of Kyiv "are having some success", but did not provide more information.

Russia blacklists Hollywood actors Ben Stiller, Sean Penn

Russia said on Sept. 5 that it blacklisted 25 U.S. citizens including Hollywood actors Ben Stiller and Sean Penn, in response to sanctions from the United States.

Western capitals, including Washington, have slapped Russia with a slew of unprecedented sanctions its over its offensive in pro-Western Ukraine.

Zelensky: "Ukraine will return to Donbas"; Strong explosions in Energodar

For days, the two sides have been accusing each other of shelling the area around the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia.
Energodar authorities claim that a Ukrainian drone was shot down over the nuclear plant. Previously, the Russian Ministry reported that Ukrainian forces fired nine shells at the nuclear power plant.

Daughter of ‘Putin’s brain’ ideologist killed in car blast

The daughter of a Russian nationalist ideologist who is often referred to as "Putin's brain" was killed when her car exploded on the outskirts of Moscow, officials said Sunday.

The Investigative Committee branch for the Moscow region said the Saturday night blast was caused by a bomb planted in the SUV driven by Daria Dugina.