Russian law

Alexey Navalny Has Plane Ticket to Moscow on January 17

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, who is currently recovering in Germany from a nerve-agent attack he blames on the Kremlin, said he plans to return to Moscow despite threats by the authorities to imprison him upon his arrival.

Navalny said in an Instagram video post Wednesday that he has a ticket to Moscow on Jan. 17.

Russian Opposition Leader Granted Asylum in Bulgaria

Bulgaria granted political asylum to Russian opposition leader Evgeny Chupov 16 months after he applied for it.  Thus, he has refugee status in our country. He himself posted his info on the social network, along with the decision of the State Agency for Refugees. The Russian's wife and their four children will stay in Bulgaria with him.

Thousands Gathered for Rallies in Moscow and other Cities, and there are Arrests Again

Despite the rainy weather and the absence of all opposition leaders in Moscow on Andrey Sakharov Boulevard for the third consecutive Saturday, thousands of dissatisfied gathered because of the non-admission of candidates for the September local government elections in the capital.

Bosnian Judiciary Faces Crisis over Surveillance Law

High Representative Valentin Inzko, Bosnia and Herzegovina's top international official, warned of possible legal chaos late Wednesday after the Bosnian state parliament failed to adopt important amendments to criminal law procedures on issues like surveillance and the status of protected witness.